Sail with us on your private cruise!
Now you're able to book your dream cruise in the CARIBBEAN, our present cruising ground.

We offer this opportunity as an arrangement for up to a maximum of 10 days.
We offer this opportunity for € 275,- per person per day only, all meals drinks and stay aboard JoHo included.


Your cruise starts with the pick up and welcome aboard and you will get a quick tour around the ship. Next cruising days are planned to go from bay to bay, where you will have ample opportunity to snorkel, enjoy the nightlife, go dining ashore, go diving at one of the many diveschools, rent a surfboard, parasail or just relax on the deck or on the beaches. Sailing Yacht JoHo will at all times be at anchor waiting for you, checking into marinas is not standard in our program and will be charged extra.

The distance covered and actual sailing days are subject to lenght of stay, weather conditions and your preferences. With SailAdventures you will have a say in the cruise itself and the cruising area covered*. If you mail us your individual plans and ideas we will try to fit them into the cruising schedule**.
We do point out that being on a Sailing Yacht is not the same as being in a hotel or a holiday village, but that's exactly the fun of it.

If you're interested and want to get more information, don't hesitate to mail us.

* Our service has its limits, it is a sailboat after all. Special requests will be honored only if booked well in advance, possible additional costs will be included in the definite offer.
** SailAdventures reserves the right to change the cruising plan due circumstances at any time.